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Good Brothers mission is to cultivate positive and lasting relationships
through the celebration of food, drink and Midwestern Hospitality.

our team

Matthew Stebbins

Matthew is a third generation restaurateur and a familiar face on Madison’s dining scene. He began in iconic Madison institutions such as Tutto Pasta, Restaurant Magnus and the Cardinal Bar. 


Matthew opened Natt Spil in 2004, one of Madison’s first true craft cocktail bars  with numerous features in national cocktails publications. In 2018, Matthew purchased Brothers Three, a 30 year Madison restaurant institution on Madison’s east side. Recent renovations heightened efficiency and sales despite the COVID-19 pandemic. 


After more than twenty years, Matt has garnered lasting professional relationships with the Madison restaurant community and looks forward to adding to the Good Brothers family.

Noelle Tarpey
Chief Hospitality Officer

Noelle is as Madison as it gets. A graduate of West High School and UW Madison, she has worked in area hospitality for over 25 years.

She started hosting at Friday’s on the west side in high school and you have seen her running The Great Dane Pub and Brewing Co. as well as Monty’s Blue Plate Diner. 


She thrives on the hustle of a busy restaurant, having worked most positions in the back and front of the house.


Noelle appreciates the local history of hospitality and is eager to continue the tradition through development and mentoring our Good Brothers staff with our mission of Wisconsin Hospitality.

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